35mm Reloadable cassettes. . Metal vrs Plastic

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  1. Hello everyone. Don I think you will find the Kentmere 100 an excellent film. IMHO (& others) this is the same film as my Ultrafine Xtreme 100, and others are reporting that it is appearing as other emulsion. Regardless of name, I find it a bit different than Ilford or Kodak cubic grain emulsions, but fully capable of fine grain & larger than normal (8x10) prints. With 100' in hand, you can "experiment" & zero the film with whatever developer you wish. Here, Obsidian Aqua or PyrocatHD work wonders. Aloha, Bill
  2. I forgot to include this. 50% crop of 35mm Kentmere100 neg. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, OA & V600. Aloha, 2k17-043-005 ces13 bc.jpg Bill
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    Reloadable 35mm aluminium cassette from the 50s
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    Reloadable Leica 35mm brass cassette

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