1932 Leica II

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  1. This particular item was made 7 years after the first production Leica. It is from the first large batch (29801) of 35mm rangefinders ever made. I use it with a later lens with which it was acquired and a later Helios clip on finder.
  2. The design was a classic ,copied in the Zorki 1 which continued in production till 1956.
  3. I took it for a walk in the park and first captured some ducks.
  4. Then on to an old cast iron bridge:
  5. Finally round to an old water wheel once used to drive a mill:
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  6. Although the camera is 83 years old it is still quite convenient to use as it is small . I metered the light with a mobile phone app.It was also used earlier to take indoor party shots with film at EI 800 and an f2 Jupiter 8. A good job, Mr Barnack.
    Thanks for comment.
  7. I know that "they don't make them like they used to!" is an expression often bandied about (and because its so often justified!) but really, its the first thing that comes to mind. I know that collectors endlessly search for "mint" and "like new" items, but to me there is nothing prettier than all that brass showing the world that this is no shelf queen, that if it could talk we would be in for a treat! Lovely old war horse, and the images are nothing to sneeze at either! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  8. Alan--wow! What a beauty! Thanks for sharing--liked the pix, too!
  9. Nothing prettier than a black Leica!
  10. SCL


    You've got a gem in the rough!
  11. Lovely camera and pictures. I have a few Fed 1s and Zorki 1s of the same design. I do not think that design has been overtaken yet by any RF. Thanks. sp.
  12. Don't care what anyone says, there is something special about Leicas. Everyone who appreciates classic cameras needs at least one at some time in their lives. Thanks for showing your nicely "patinated" camera.
  13. Thanks for posting. Very nice work with a terrific little camera.
  14. Now that's a classic: wonderful old camera, Alan,and your photographs show just how capable these old Leicas were, right from the beginning. Thanks for a most enjoyable post.
  15. I totally agree with your '83 years old and still a good camera' comment. I used to have a Leica III from 1933 and it worked perfectly. Having had a few other non-Leica cameras with dodgy focal plane shutters I was partcularly impressed with how the Leica's shutter had lasted.
  16. Thanks to all for comment.
    When this first large rangefinder batch was made in 1932 the Model T Ford only stopped production 5 years earlier. The Leica thread mount then seems to have been in continuous production in the FSU till 1996 (FED-5) though the last Leica stopped much earlier.The various FSU models offer a less expensive way into LTM, which is the best camera I haven't figured out yet so keep all I have. Here is a pic with the Leica II top left:
  17. There were Japanese copies also, with Canon making possibly the largest number.
    I should say that the Summaron 35 is a much later product than the Leica II.
  18. I think the 35 Elmar & 50 Elmar in nickel finish, and the 90 Elmar & 135 Elmar 4.5 both in black, were prepared with rangefinder cams for the 1932 Leica II.
    The 1932 Leica II is the simplest, in a good way, and in excellent condition, the prettiest of Leicas, in my opinion.

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