105 mm Z MC Availability

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by conrad_hoffman, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Well, waiting since announcement. Just snagged one from Adorama, delivered today. Very nice lens. Not quite as sharp as my zeiss 100 f2 on FTZ adapter but so much lighter than the zeiss +FTZ. Pretty easy choice for back packing. Should be fun to get to know it over the next few weeks.
  2. Partial correction. The nikon z105 f2.8 is as sharp or sharper than the zeiss 100 manual focus. The zeiss is about 1/3rd stop brighter in exposure at the same settings. The autofocus and lighter weight makes the nikon lens a winner.
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  3. I cancelled my pre-paid (at a slight discount) order after 2 months. I couldn’t really justify the £££ not being in my bank account heading up to Christmas.

    There seem to be very few in the UK.
  4. I would be interested in how the lens performs as a portrait lens, bokeh, blah blah, vs another "portrait" short tele. I have the 105/2.8 VR AFS and use it on occasion for close work, but definitely prefer other lenses for people photos.
  5. I haven't tried mine as a portrait lens yet. I think Nikon uses that as a selling point but the thing is so sharp I might want to put a diffuser on it! I'm sort of old school when it comes to portraits, fuzzy lenses and printed on paper with a surface resembling leather!
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  6. It is quite okay as a lens for head shots, and of course it allows one to frame tighter than a regular lens. The contrast of skin texture can be managed by using appropriate lighting and retouching. The out-of-focus rendering is outstanding. I don't think any of the S-line Z lenses are going to be "kind" to skin imperfections, it's the modern look where you have to take measures instead of assuming the optics and printing process makes people look good. ;-)

    The compact prime lineup doesn't seem to have quite as piercing sharpness or as high contrast as the S-line lenses. Perhaps there will be a non-S short tele later on, which might produce a bit more old-school rendering, or you could simply use an older lens to get the look. Third party options might also be suitable.
  7. Can't speak for the lens in question, but using the "portrait mode" with my S lens does reduce that unbearable sharpness typical of modern lenses - that is easily toggled on or off in NX-Studio. If it wasn't for the comfort of eye-focus, I would use vintage glass for people photography.
  8. Best Buy shows the lens in stock again.
  9. None here officially in the UK....:(

    But available Grey, how daft is that..?

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