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  1. Close to 15 years ago I bought a photography vest. It had straps that were stowed in pockets that you could put around your knees when seated, that supplied back support. You sit on the ground, put the straps around your knees, and the vest supported your back as if you were in a chair. It was just a little too big when I bought it, and now that I've lost 70 pounds it's really too big. I can't find any identifying labels on it. Does anyone know who made this vest?
  2. OK, I got you. I'll try a 675 in the OM-1 without any mods when the 625 runs out. I was curious tough, because the OM-2n has a crescent-shaped spacer for the LR44s.
  3. My 625 cells have a larger diameter than my LR44 cels.
  4. The 625 has a larger diameter than the LR44.
  5. I've just picked up an OM-2n. They used the same body as the OM-1, so the battery compartment is sized for a 625 mercury cell; but there's a crescent-shaped spacer in it so that two LR44 cells can be used. I have an OM-1n. I've had it modified to use a 625 silver oxide cell (1.5v), and had the meter calibrated. The 625 cells are a little harder to find than the LR44s. Is there a crescent-shaped adapter I can buy so that I can use one LR44 cell in my OM-1n?
  6. I got the OM-2n. It was waiting in my desk when I got back from 'vacation'. The meter's reading two stops low, so it's in the shop for recalibration.
  7. I've had my OM-1n modified (diode) and calibrated to use a 1.5v #625 cell.
  8. My typing got ahead of my brain. I meant to say that the FE is an auto-exposure version of the FM.
  9. Well, I pulled the trigger on an OM-2n. My auto-exposure cameras include a Canon AE-1 Program, a Canon A-1, an Olympus OM-4, and Olympus OM10, a Nikon FM3a, and a Nikon FE. An OM-2n is definitely redundant, but... My most complete 'kit' is Olympus. The OM10 doesn't really 'fit' the way the FE fits with my Nikon kit. I think of it this way: The FE is an electronic version of the FM. I have an FM2n, which is a newer model, with auto-exposure, of the FM. The OM-2 is basically an electronic version, with auto-exposure, of the OM-1.
  10. Where's the :smackhead: smiley? It looks like I'm the one getting lost!
  11. I should have specified I'm using 35mm film.
  12. I could have written exactly the same thing. Second SLR, and the advertising.
  13. My second SLR was the OM-4. It was the advertising showing adventure photography that grabbed me.
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