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  1. Hi Wayne,

    thank you for your friendly comments! I'm not here so much as before and even in the process of ending my subscription to pn. I hope you're still enjoying yourself here. I wish you Happy Holidays. Kind regards, Vincent

  2. Hi Giangiorgio,

    thank you for your friendly comments! I'm glad you find some joy in using the site; I have sent (3 already) messages to end my subscription to pn. My suggestions nor my messages have been responded to by the admins. A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your loved ones too from the Netherlands, hope to hear from you again soon. Kind regards, Vincent

    Frost filter!


    Hi Laurent,

    this may be 'easy', but that does not tke away anything from the inventive way of seeing a an interesting subject and turning it into an object of art. Kind regards, Vincent


    No-fly zone


    Hi Paul,

    thank you for your friendly comment! The visibilty of the spider webs surprised me too. There is little chance of escaping this trap. Kind regards, Vincent



    Hi Franz,

    Although I've never seen lichen as colorful as this, the fantasy is very effective, the colors seem to dance in the composition. Great work! Kind regards, Vincent 



    Hi Franz,

    strange, but intriguing. I would suggest a slight crop from the right. The motion blur seems to work for this image. Well done! Kind regards, Vincent

  3. Hi Laurent,

    Thank you for your comments! To be honest, I didn't think I could get a half decent photo of the lizard, because it was lurking in the back somewhere. Then the animal made my day and began to warm itself by creeping into the light. But the circumstances were far from ideal; 1/60 sec and very little DoF. Kind regards, Vincent

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