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  1. Geeeze, this is a creative edit from a very creative photographer who probably had fun creating it - dead bat or not. I can very much relate to Jim since like him I am a wildlife photographer who has spent thousands of hours in the wild getting a good natural wildlife image and may just wanted to explore a new vision. Photography is about expressing and this picture has impact - whatever genre you wanna squeeze it into. Jim with this image has been exploring his personal bounderies as an artistic person, which is much more I can say about many photographers who are the first in queue to be critical. I understand that this thread is supposed to be a lively discussion about an image, but I find lots of the posts self serving and esoterical.

    Step By Step


    Hi Walter

    this is a flap-necked chameleon from Etosha Nat. Park in Namibia. They do normally dwell on the acacia bushes but will cross on the ground, or in this case gravel path, to get to another tree.


    Cheers, Mark.

    Winter Wolf


    Hi Bianka

    As much as I would like to claim to have walked thru snow and cold - I won't :-) This is one of the few shots of mine not done in the wild. This European Wolf was captured in the Bavarian Forest in a big free wolf enclosure.

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