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  1. I have an Epson Artisan 1430 printer, a purchased it less than a year ago. All of a sudden I am having a

    problem printing pictures. It starts out good but 1/2 inch into the picture its stops, like the printing is complete.

    Does anyone know what could be wrong or have had this problem. I was on Epson's tech support page but

    could not find anything that could help me. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have a Nikon P500, this is the camera I carry in my purse all the time. Twice I could not get my battery out of

    the camera, I had to use needle nose pliers to remove it. They were 2 different batteries, I always have extra on

    hand. This last time I noticed that the battery is bulging in the middle, so I assume that is why it won't just pop

    out. Has anyone else had this problem? These are Nikon batteries not generic. Any comments would be

    appreciated. Thank You

  3. Thank you everyone for your response. I want to go back and take a good picture of this mural for my mom before someone sprays graffiti all over it, the workmanship is beautiful, but this guy was so rude I would hate to run into him again. At the unveiling there were dozens of people taking pictures. If he didn't want it photographed don't paint it on a public building.
  4. An artist painted a mural on the side of a building in our town. So like everyone else I went to take a few

    pictures. The artist told me to come and buy a picture at the unveiling tomorrow, instead of taking pictures.

    I tried to explain I was taking them to show my 93 yr. old mother, since she can remember the celebration

    that is painted in the mural. He told me this is copyrighted. I stopped taking pictures and went home. Why

    paint this on a public building, you have to think someone is going to photograph it. Was this an infringment

    on his copyright. I wasn't going to sell them. What would you have done.

  5. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have decided to discuss this with them and if they won't give me credit for my photographs, I'm just dropping the whole thing. I feel taking them to court would only hurt my business since they are so well known & liked. Bob, it could be an honest mistake and we might be able to come to terms. (lets hope) But if not, I should have known better, the words of PN members echo in my head always have a contract!
  6. I know that approaching this subject, presentation is important. They know about copyright laws, they needed my permission to use one of the pictures for a newpaper article, the writer of the article gave me credit for the picture. When asked about usage of the pictures on their website, posters and wine label, I told them they could use them for the website, but anything else we have to have a contract. It was never mentioned again. I was not given credit on the brochures, yes John I feel that I have taken a loss, recognition and monetary. I also understand that 10,000 more brochures are to be printed. I need to speak to them before the next printing.
  7. A few years ago I went to a vineyard and took pictures, They turned better than I imagined they would, the owner

    purchased prints for all of his stores, needless to say I was thrilled. I emailed them some of the pictures (at their request)

    so they could use them on their website, on the condition that my name be mentioned as the photographer. Now I am

    seeing my pictures on brochures (10,000 to be exact), their website and other wine websites. I am sure you know where

    this is going. This is a hard lesson for me because I trusted these people. My theory, always have a contract, no matter

    who or how long you have known them. Thanks for letting me vent.

  8. David, your post brought back memories of the assertive Carol, with portfolio and pictures in hand, I marched into the gallery and showed them what I could do. Was accepted on the spot. The partners are all going in different directions and the expense of taking it over myself is just too much, even with a partner. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I can get the old assertive Carol back with a little practice.
  9. Matt,

    I live in PA at the foot of the Pocono Mts. My prints sold from $75.00 to about $800 dollars. The gallery's partners were not getting along and decided to close. Art show overhead would be much more than the gallery cost that I was paying. Galleries in my area want paintings not photography and if they accept photographs you are on a waiting list. My clients are business men and women, one of my pictures was choosen for brochure of a winery and some for Florida ads. I guess for now I will wait, make some phone calls, expand my area looking for galleries.

  10. On Dec. 31 I received an email that the gallery I display and sell my work will close on Jan. 31. None of us saw this

    coming, it was quite a shock. Now that I only have 2 days left, panic is starting to set in, I have alot invested in framed and

    unframed prints. I do have a website but it does not generate the sales as the gallery. I wish we would have had a few

    months notice. I do some shows each year, but most of them want a large amount of money for a space (anywhere from

    $1,200 and up). Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Last Butterfly of Summer

    The sun was finally shinning, so I went out to the garden to see if there was anything left of summer to photograph. I came across this monarch on the last flower that was left on my butterfly bush. I felt that it is the last butterfly I'll see until next summer.

  12. I am not a portrait or a group photographer, my hat goes off to those patient people. My brother thought it would be nice to

    give my mother a picture for her 92 birthday of her children, grandchildren and great grand children. There are 12 people

    in all. What lens would be best to accomplish this, I have 35mm 1:2.8G, 105mm 1:2.8G, 55-200mm, 60mm 1:2.8, 28-80mm

    1:3.5-5.6. I'm using a tripod and a cordless remote. Any suggestions would be helpful. I plan to jump into the picture once

    everyone is in place and use a cordless remote. Hopefully it will work.

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