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  1. I'm interested in exchange of comments and reviews with all fellow members!

    It's very simple, click on my name, find image(s) you like, comment on or review and I instantly reciprocate!

    Or, you might use the rich text editor and send me a hyperlink of the image you want to be commented on or reviewed, in a comment or personal message!

    Thank you for your attention


  2. I'm interested in exchange of comments and reviews with all fellow members!

    It's very simple, click on my name, find image(s) you like, comment on or review and I instantly reciprocate!

    Or, you might use the rich text editor and send me a hyperlink of the image you want to be commented on or reviewed, in a comment or personal message!

    Thank you for your attention


  3. 9 hours ago, Pierre Dumas Esquire said:

    I meant "the owner of Fotofora, speaking of PapaTango and I maybe have addressed as the owner of photo.net Mr @mjensen in some occasion because I thought so! Not a crime!

    Which doesn't mean that I didn't think PpaTango was the owner of photo.net too!


  4. 7 hours ago, William Michael said:

    The site is moderated by volunteers and it seems a tad presumptuous to assume that whimsical changes of mind will be addressed by volunteers who might otherwise be spending their valuable time deleting spam and keeping the site running as smoothly as possible - or performing their actual job and attending to their family duties.

    Sorry, I didn't know that the moderators were volunteers and I think it doesn't take much time to read a message or to answer a question! However, I apologize for that!

  5. 7 hours ago, William Michael said:

    It's not the first time you've incorrectly named a specific Member here as the 'owner' of Photo.net.

    I meant "the owner of Fotofora, speaking of PapaTango and I maybe have addressed as the owner of photo.net Mr @mjensen in some occasion because I thought so! Not a crime!

  6. 7 hours ago, William Michael said:

    you specifically requested that "PhotoNet Pro" be removed from your name

    I didn't mention such thing, I only criticized the tittle because it didn't fit the reality and I pointed me as an example! Now, in the light of the new circumstances I want it back, is it so difficult to understand?!

  7. 17 minutes ago, ericphelps said:

    I can't think of one example where 'money', taken alone, improved anything.

    Yes, Ericphelphs,

    I agree, but since we now have the information that PapaTango isn't the owner and the owner(s) don't take any action I don't know what to say!

    Thank you for your contribution



  8. Photo.net as it is now isn't that bad, but some things bother me.

    The owner @PapaTango some time ago sent me a message in which he offered me another photo website, https://fotofora.net!

    Few days ago I sent a question using "Contact us" feature asking is photo.net going to be closed, no reply!

    That made me decide to create a topic with the same question

    I don't like the closing site option cause I'm a member since 2002 and have used to it, so I would suggest introducing membership fee of $30 annually as it was before.

    In order to motivate members to contribute that way I would suggest increasing of the limitations of free membership & benefits of payed fee membership 

    That would be all from me, do not hesitate to contribute to this discussion my fellow members

    Thank you all in advance



  9. 5 hours ago, William Michael said:

    That's good, yes? That's what you wanted, isn't it?

    Assuming your post is a "thank you"? , then - You're welcome.



    It would have been if it wasn't for this: image.png.fb7fed6d4b64f858b50d3dac02c26db0.png

    In combination with this: image.png.4639a673f913f3e195de267d4359a47b.png


    In words: There are still remains of deleted pictures which are in fact trash! I said the picture wasn't there anymore, but didn't know then that others were!

    Thank you for your attention, William Michael


  10. 10 hours ago, Pierre Dumas Esquire said:

    I said: The deleted images shouldn't be visible. When I wrote this a thumbnail of the deleted picture showed and a red text! I don't see my deleted picture anymore!

    There are still traces of deleted photos, when I click on them it reads You do not have permission to view this content.


  11. 1. "Move to album" feature should be enabled as soon as possible so that the members could restore their lost albums

    2. I think that the majority of the members don't know that their name may be changed to what it was before, so they should be informed about that by mail

    3. "Write a review" should be enabled for all photos and not only for those in the "member albums"

    4. Deleted photos shouldn't be visible

    5. Albums should be editable at any time

    6. The full size photos with metadata should be downloadable only for the authors they belong to, for the other visitors they should be reduced in size and without metadata (like on Facebook)

    7. The images should be editable until the first comment

    8. The ratings shouldn't  be visible and the average of ratings should be shown only after certain number of ratings, let me say ten or maybe five or whatever number the administration chooses

    So, please, say your opinion on each of those suggestions (refers to members) and opinion and feasibility (refers to administrators)

    Much obliged


  12. 4 hours ago, Dustin McAmera said:

    It is odd: I see in the Member Albums all (all the ones I looked at) had both a Comments tab and a Review tab. That included people listed as Pro and as Members.

    If you specifically *want* review of a particular photo (not just wondering why that tab hasn't appeared for you), then there's the 'Seeking critique' forum: https://www.photo.net/forums/forum/53-seeking-critique/


    Thank you very much, Dustin!


  13. In a few occasions I noticed the option "write a review", rating was required in that option, but there was still the option to write a comment! I asked the authors how to request the review option and they didn't answer!

    Therefore I'm asking the administration and, of course anyone who knows the answer

    Much obliged


  14. The copyright infringement - the new bosses still share our images with everybody, IE they are still downloadable despite my reaction in my previous topic!

    The limited time of edit-ability of our comments, albums and images which can't have a reasonable purpose still persists, despite my previous intervention

    The lack of "move to - album" possibility - they lost our albums so that we must create new ones and don't give us opportunity to fully restore them

    The stupid addition pro to the names of those who have paid the "rent". Paying the annual subscription doesn't make a professional, for example I'm not professional and don't need that "promotion"

    I'm aware that my intervention only doesn't oblige anyone to even think of it, therefore I invite everyone to say his/her opinion about each and every point of this topic and possibly add new ones which I haven't though of!

    I also invite the moderators or administrators and even the very boss @mjensen to explain, justify maybe, their seemingly irrational measures and deeds!


  15. Thank you all for your opinion, my friends! I think the site started its dying process since 2017 when the rating was stopped! Number of views dropped down, number of comments, number of active members too!

    Here's what I proposed to the new owner @mjensen:

    I think the rating must be reintroduced in the way that once was! Those who receive low ratings should be able to avoid rating! "Submit for rating" possibility should be the solution of that problem. Rating from 1-7 should be anonymous, but the authors of the works submitted for rating should also be anonymous!

    The rating that now exists is like no rating at all because all rate with five stars since their rating is visible!

    OK, let rating alone, it was just my opinion, some more important things I mentioned in the topic

  16. I think images shouldn't be downloadable except by the owner

    All posts including albums should be editable at any time

    Moving the existing images to the wanted album should be enabled

    Rating should be anonymous and a list of highest rated images should be created by categories, time and in all categories for all times

    The views counters shouldn't register views by the owner

    Everything else is OK, rich text editor is the best of assets

    I invite all fellow members to say their opinion on these issues and moderators to give us their opinion, prospects and explanations

    Thank you all in advance


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  17. <p><strong>In short</strong><br>

    I paid the last subscription on <strong>August the 8th</strong> (the annual subscription is <strong>9% of my pension</strong>)<br>

    An <strong>administrator</strong> told me that my pictures were deleted by some administrator (some bug deleted only my four highest rated photos?!, ha) <br>

    Commercial is only my <strong>unsuccessful</strong> trying to sell my photos through this subscribed membership <br>

    <strong>I'm eager for corrections on the site</strong>, but it isn't a matter of design, when I say "as it is now" I mean the possibilities, the possibility of customization, the good overview etc for that's what I'm supposedly paying for!<br>

    <strong><a href="/info/terms-of-use">Read the rules here</a></strong> and estimate is it true that the administration can delete any account by its free will!<br>

    And last, I'm subscribing only as a <strong>member of the community due to contribute to its well being,</strong> I have right as a non subscriber to upload many more of my present number of photos (based on my activity, as a commentator, 80.000 comments!)</p>

    <p> </p>

  18. <p><strong>I must remind you:</strong> I want my money back cause I won't get lots of features present when I paid last subscription! <br>

    It is not a matter of democracy and voting referring you remark about ...the most of the members...!<br>

    <strong>First:</strong> If we all agreed to buy a superb jet and then the majority "voted" to replace it with an old used Fiat 500...what then?<br>

    <strong>Second:</strong> I don't see here the majority of the members, Photo.net claims that there are 800.000 registered members<br>

    <strong>Conclusion</strong>: I have the <strong>moral right to get my money back</strong>, although I and all members don't have any formal rights, just to mention that the administration has the right to delete anyone's account without telling him the reason and actually with no reason at all! As three or four my best rated pictures were deleted by the administration with no word about the reason why!</p>

  19. <p>Andrew,<br>

    I just want all the features of the current site to be on the 2! I want hidden folders by my choice, all the stuff shown on my member page as it is now, all transparent as it is now, rating system as it was before (or it is now at least, because I've paid my subscription for that feature too), wide, user friendly design, not large pictures instead of thumbnails (if someone wants to see the picture he might click on the thumb nail, large view picture to be able to see the details and estimate the technical quality, not suffocating dark colors of everything, ranking of photographers and photos by their ratings received, by number of comments, by views, by everything as it is now, when I hit "enter" in a text, that enter to be registered and executed...long is the list and I can't say other than "as it is now" in short!</p>

  20. <p>I want my money back since the 2 lacks the elementary qualities of the good old site! That because I know whatever of my suggestion (which would be 1000 and more) wouldn't be accepted! So, I give up Photo.net which was my main occupation in the last 14 years and must be satisfied with a simple refund of $25 which is a lot of money for me to be thrown away!</p>
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