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    Thanks for the comment!


    There are NO mantises in my area - I have to buy them off from local breeders, through internet sites where they advertise their stocks. Some mantids where found in Grece or France, but most are exotic species and came from captive breeding. Those guys above on the other hand can be found under each and every old log in local woods.




    Liparus vs. Pissodes


    This EXTREMELY bad pun (some of you may find appropriate in the

    circumstances) is of course a "Master and Commander" reference (I can

    really sympathize with the Doctor character, by the way - I would get

    totally pissed if I had to suddenly leave some biodiversity paradise I

    just started to explore).

    Liparus is one of the largest European weevils, while Pissodes falls

    in the "leser weevils" (d'oh!) category...


    No weevils were hurt during this session!

    View large. I mean LARGE.

  1. Armadlillidium vulgare, a common pill woodlouse (aka rolly polly,

    rolie polie, potato bug etc). It's a crustacean adapted to living on

    the ground (but technically still a shrimp ;)).


    View them LARGE please!

    Io moths


    I found Io moths (Automeris Io) to be very cooperative models. Rubber

    bulb type blower was used to provoke the threatening response - rapid

    display of the eye spots on moths' hind wings. The photo session was

    performed in my home "studio" (big word for the arrangement I use,

    really), and the models' patience allowed me to test several

    background/support combinations.

    My flower - my castle


    The female P. wahlbergii mantis once again. The use of this flower

    for the background as well as as a support of my model is

    experimental. The common name of the mantis is spiny flower mantis,

    after all. So, what do you think of the result? (my friend just told

    me that the flower "looks somewhat obscene". Some people...)

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