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  11. Hi Bruce. I made it in Blender - a relatively low polygon mesh; I only needed to make half of the face :) To generate the repeating pattern I simply dropped a triangular mirror box into the scene.
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    Iron Man Vajra

    orthoscopic views of the ancient Hindu symbol of indestructability and unstoppable power. its power source - the star tetrahedron or Merkaba - has an output of 8 arc reactors combined :)
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    Iron Man Vajra

    Vajra belongs to the same category of energy weapons as the Egyptian Djed pillar and sonic screwdriver - don't look it up... :)
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    Iron Man Vajra

    Vajra - or Dorje - clearly an Ancient Aliens energy weapon :)
  15. modeled in Blender
  16. modeled in Blender
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