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  1. <p>I never use the neck-strap supplied by Nikon. All of my cameras, always has and have, a DOMKE one side rubberized, strap with quick release clamp. Plain black (or kaki), no Nikon logo or any other print on it. And I'm very happy with it.</p>
  2. <p>My dear young friend. 16 years old/young. You has all the lenses some people just dream it years ago. I would say, you have to mach. The only thing you need is, get out and learn photography. Learn to create images, not snapping your fingers on the camera, hoping the camera will do an image for you. You are the one whom going to create an image, not the camera. You can, create a beautiful image, with a most cheapest camera, and one lens only. See Henry Cartier-Bresson. He created beautiful images using a single camera and lens only. To learn photography, you also has to learn ART, how to compose an image, light and shade, color and contrast, detail, and mostly, what do you want to communicate with your images. To understand light/shatter speed/ aperture/ etc. Not like some so called photographers, whom do not know, what is the difference between "aperture and departure". . . . To create a good image, you don't even need a camera, like the Nikon D40. Learn to see the world around you, to notice beauty, or ugliness, and thousand shades between. Please don't be a equipment junky. And not even a techno junky. Study famous painters and photographers images. Visit art galleries, more often, then beer stores, camera stores and web sites. Give a time for yourself, to develop, advance, not for your camera bag. Then, . . . you going to be a great photographer.<br>

    Take care, and have a wonderful shooting.</p>

    <p>Best regards; Bela L Molnar</p>

  3. <p>The sad thing about many amateur photographer is, they buying good quality, expensive cameras, lenses, and never bather to pay attention for a good sturdy tripod and ball-head/ camera support, witch never come cheep. For 150.00 you not going to have a good support for a serious gear. For a point and shoot camera, . . yes. A good photographer said ones, " buy the heaviest tripod you can cary" and you do not going to have any problem after all.</p>

    <p>Cheers; Bela</p>

  4. <p>Congratulation for your FM. I have one FM2, FM3a  & a FA. Never going to depart from them. ( I also using DSLRs too) Now, . . you going to learn photography, aparture/shater speed/film ASA/ read the light meter correctly, and all the important technical elements needed to be a good photographer. Not total automatization! . . . Later on, you can do that, when you all ready understood all of them.<br>

    For Ronald Moravec , Dec 06, 2008; 09:10 p.m. How many MP does that model have? . . . . . . more than the most expensive digital SLR has. Read the article of this subject from Ken Rockwell, if you don''t believe me.!<br>

    Best regards; Bela Molnar</p>

  5. My Mac G4 is 7 years old, upgraded the operating system every time a new has come out, never needed a service man

    for repair, software/hardware, every time I firing it up, working, and before I had a PC, my crazy friend was in my place

    2, 3 times a months, massaging my PC, sometime half a evening, and I learned to swear really badly. Now, my blood

    sugar level is down, my blood pressure is down, except, I lost most of my hair. Ha ha. So! Up to you, you want an

    easy life or more excited life in you digital darkroom.

  6. . . . ."Will a 5D give me inferior pictures."


    NO! With the cheapest camera, you can create an superior image, and with a most expensive camera, you can create an

    inferior image. . . . . And that's applicable to the lens too. . . . You picture or images depending on you knowledge,

    experience and know-how, to take pictures, handling your camera, and processing. And also, you artistic talent to

    compose and properly work on a subject. It is not the camera/lens creating a superior image, it is YOU. Period.

  7. It is a relative question. No such a thing as real photographer, or everybody is a real photographer as long as they had a

    camera in they hand and still alive. Artist is an other mater. Real photographer is like a MAN, it is not mater stupid are

    the individual, as long as he is alive, still a MAN. One more time! NO real photographer, only good one and bed one.


  8. Hi John. . . . If you listen to a wise old man, with a lots of experience, on cameras, camera business, photography, STAY, with you present

    camera, keep!!! . . . . "all you beloved lenses", . . . and save money for a coming consumer FF body, (Nikon D700 ??? ) going to come

    out at next Christmas. And all you problem going to be solved, for a long time. Never think, you going to save some money, by starting cheep.

    Forget about the DX format!!! . . . . . In the end the cheep start going to be an expensive experience. I known from my bad experience. You have

    to learn the truth, " poor people paying more for everything, then a rich one. Just for one experience.! . . . . In the beginning, I bought a small

    cheep tripod, and figured out, it is not working. Then I bought a bigger, still relatively cheep tripod. And, . . . unfortunately this didn't worked

    either, In the end I bought a Gitzo, 760.00 + dollar heavy tripod and worked well. . . . So, . . . . add to gather all those money I spend for a

    cheep tripod, . . . in the end . . . I had a good working tripod, for DOUBLE A PRICE as, if I, in the first time, get a proper tripod. And this is for

    everything else working like this. . . . wait for a vile, and get a full-frame camera, and you going to be happy ever after. . . . God luck, and



    Best regards; Bela L. Molnar

  9. Definitely the 16-85 VR. And you going to have all the range, wide angle, stability (VR)

    you required on the trip. The 18-200 VR is more expensive and not wide enough! And

    you never going to need 200 mm !


    Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  10. Never do an early judgment on anything. I bought a Nikon D40 in January, with the kit lens;

    18-55 and I dropped my jaw when I get the first 50-100 images. I carrying all the time with

    me, beside the D300 and the film FM3a. I have images on the PN, shoot with this camera,

    and you would not tell witch is from my D300 or the D40. This little plastic lens, 18-55 ( 2 ED

    glass inside) is a miracle. Better the the new VR versions. And I bought a 16-70 VR for it, just because, I like wide angles. I can say only one world. The camera is a little marvel.

    And I bought an after-market battery holder/grip to it, (eBay; $36.00 holding two batteries.) because for my hand, the camera was to small. I can say a lot of "WOW" now.


    Cheers; Bela Laszlo Molnar

  11. To Joseph Wisniewski.


    So you know what the real driving is. Yes, the Lambo has a hard clutch and very sensitive. I'm not rich either,

    but has a connection to both dealership, the Lambo and Ferrari, and has a chance to drive them. Fortunately I

    had a racing driver certificate, and all my life, I used to drive manual sport cars. Average peoples sport cars of-


    Cameras is same. To know a camera and all those settings, you has to learn to drive manually. Then you can

    have all the automatization, what ever you like it, or what ever the situation is required.


    Cheers; B. L. Molnar

  12. The problem with people, they buying a Ferrari or Lambo, bur they never learn to drive a manual shift car,

    actually they never learn to drive, they only steering they vehicles, and the firs Ferrari going to kill them. Or! In

    other world, they never learned to operate the camera manually, or, what is a different between the "aperture"

    and the "departure", never start from the basic, they have no idea what is a shatter speed-aperture- film-speed

    doing with each other. People buying cameras to day, and they except from the camera to do the job for them.

    The technical knowledge for so many people is almost ZERO . . . !!! Never mind the artistic knowledge,

    composition and etc., what making the image, a good image.


    I used to own the;


    Nikon F


    Nikon F Photomic


    Nikon F2


    Nikon F2a


    Nikon FE


    Nikon FM, FM2, And still has my beloved FM3a


    Nikon FA


    Nikon F3


    Nikon F90X


    Nikon F5


    Nikon D2X


    Nikon D200


    Nikon D300


    Nikon D40 ( My loved little jewel.)


    And I never had any problem of any of them. My first Nikon camera, the F2a still in working condition, with

    the motor drive, the last time the shatter speed was checked, needed no adjustment after 35 years. My

    younger brother using it. I photographed in concert, with flash, in the dessert, on the sea shores with gail force

    wind, blowing salt sprays, etc. I photographed with other peoples, with different brand cameras, many time I

    heard the complaint; Oh may battery is flat again, my auto focus is not working, in the main time I was

    shooting three time as many frames as other people. Own a lots of lenses, and only ones I had a problem with

    a new 18/2.8 lens, witch was fixed in no time.


    You have to learn to use you tools, be knowledgeable/proficient/skillful, with your tools, then, if you have some

    problem, don't complain, or cry, or call your tool a "crap", go to the brand service and figure out what is the

    problem with the camera, lens, flash, etc., . . . . or . . . with you.


    OR! Buy a point and shoot camera. You never going to have a problem.



    Cheers; B. L. Molnar

  13. I heard first hand from a common friend, Igor. I personally known him, and we spend a

    couple of time to gather. He vas a big Russian fellow, a happy, and friendly guy, helpful if

    you needed, easy going, lots of friends. His photography is a special category, not everybody's cup of tee. He was a good photographer, and a good fellow. To tragic, in the

    prime age, at a 41st birthday. it is tragic.

  14. A year or two, I had an argument, with two of my photographer buddies. We where start to talk about,

    how to do panorama shoots, or multiple shoots for stitching. Normal one row, or 2, 3 rows. I said,

    you has to do it, camera in total MANUAL mode, including focus. The two of my friends cried out

    loud, " how can I said such a stupid things, it has to be "A" aperture priority, and only aperture

    priority and definitely not in manual mode. After a couple of minutes, I give up. The technical how,

    and why, didn't worked. Now, I find an article By Trevor Sherwin, STITCHING. And the article clearly stating my opinion, to set the camera in "MANUAL' mode! Can somebody answer this letter

    and tell me, and others as well, what is the proper technical way, to shoot for stitching ( for

    panoramas or for other reason). I keep shooting in manual mode, and never had a problem to stitch

    the image together. Thank you for your reply.


    Bela Laszlo Molnar

  15. I am loyal Nikon user for a long time, 40-45 years. I decided in the beginning to goo with the Nikon, because on that time, the Nikon F come out and the Nikon F2 Photomick. I liked the bodies, and the lenses as well. The

    Canon was to bulky on that time, and compare to Nikon, Nikon was more ergonomics to me.. And still more ergonomic to day. But! Canon really advanced over Nikon, especially the digital field. Canon has more variety of

    lenses to day, as Nikon has. Canon is better for the landscape photographer then Nikon. Canon ahead of Nikon at

    list 4-5 years, and 4 years in the consumer full frame camera bodies. Yess! Nikon finally come out with the D3 as

    a full frame body, and has more lenses for it, then the DX format bodies. To switch from Canon to Nikon is a hell

    of a sacrifice. You has all ready lenses, witch, I assume, you can use them on a new canon FF body. And also, depend on, what kind of images you taking. To day, technically, both system is the same. Depend on you stile of

    photography. I am a dedicated and loyal Nikon user, but I would not switch to Nikon, and get read of all my lenses,

    and invest for thousands of dollars for a new system. And one more word, it depends, of you test and packets you

    have for this.


    Best regards; Bela L Molnar

  16. For; MARCUS ANDREWES, Feb 27, 2008; 02:18 p.m. With respect!


    I live in Toronto, and had my gear serviced time to time at Mississauga NIKON service, and they are

    always doing they work expertly.


    The reason I grabbed a penn, is I wonder when the North American people going to learn, the temperature gauge, in the world invented, (and used to day), by two person. One is a gentlemen;

    Fahrenheit, and the other is Celsius. "Mister Celsius" & "Mister Fahrenheit" !!!!!. And when you measure the temperature in Fahrenheit, you called, let say, 26 degree Fahrenheit or 26 Fahrenheit (26F)

    and when do you measuring in Celsius, you said; 16 degree Celsius or 16 Celsius, ( 16C) and NOT . . .

    .!!! . . . CENTIGRADE..!!! No such a things as CENTIGRADE. (I have no idea, who invented this stupid

    things?) If such a thing is exist , then in Fahrenheit, you may say, 26 FAHRENGRADE. Ha-ha- ha! Just thing about it.!


    Best regards; Bela Laszlo Molnbar

  17. The Bible said; "In the beginning . . . . . "

    Yesss! In the beginning I had a Manfroto, chipy, then a bigger Manfroto, then a same size Gitzo CF, and, then

    I realized how stupid I was. If I am more clever, I would buy a god tripod in the "beginning" and the new Gitzo

    Q 1505 MK2 aluminum tripod would cost me mach, mach less in the end, buying all those useless tripods.

    Even the big Gitzo, not enough if I mounted a 500mm lens on it.( I have the biggest Gitzo ball head on it. ) (

    I'm planing to buy the biggest and heaviest CF tripod.) . . . . . My advise to you, to buy the biggest tripod you

    can carrying, or hire a person to carry your tripod for you, and save many for it. And you going to be happy

    ever after. The carbonfibre is better then aluminum, dumping the vibration more, them the aluminum, and

    lighter to carry. Do not cry, to spend Over 1000.00 dollar for it. It is more important, then anything else. Make

    no compromise or your life going to be miserable.


    Cheers; Bela Molnar

  18. You don't make an image with a calculator. You need an imagination, a good eyes, and some good sense

    for art and composition. You ned to observe and use the depth of field button on your camera, and a lots

    of experience. If you want to create a good image, by using all kinda charts and technical gadgets, you

    never going to create a good image. You never use rules, except a few basic rules, but even theta, has many exceptions. Nobody can give you a chart, how to ride a bicycle, you have to learn the feeling of it.

    And a very basic. Every beginner, supposedly has to learn the technical now how, by starting to shoot in

    total manual mode. If you never learn al those aperture - shutter speed - depth of field- ISO, interactions,

    you in the later time my produce a good image , but you are going to use your camera, like a point and

    shoot camera, and you going to be a "point a shoot photographer".

    To be a good race driver, you have to learn first, how the engin-gerbox-cluch-brake-stereing works,

    before you learn to drive the car. Some European countries, you do not get a drivers license, if first, you do

    not known the basic, ho the engin-gearbox-cluch works.

    No such a thing, as "math of photography"!

  19. Reeding all this letters, and watching the ratings, since I am a paid member of this PN site, I

    noticed lots of, kinda fraudulent ratings.

    My opinion is; PN has to eliminate the anonymous ratings, and you has to have your name

    with the rating, so you has to explain it, especially if it is a low rating. You has to have a

    reason why you rated an image low. And no restriction, how many 7 or 3 ratings do you

    doing, or receiving. Then, if PN noticing a person still abusing the system, thrown them out.

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