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  1. Not a particularly "pretty" picture especially if you look at the rest of Tony's folder.

    But the pictures awesome, its kindof involving ..makes me ask the story behind him and the people laughing at him.

    Being at the right place at the right time is seldom enough, you need Tony's eye.

    I wish i had the oppurtunity to go thru Tony's pictures in person.

    Thanx for sharing your work with us Tony. This ones another POW.


  2. I spent hours at this tiger enclosure. The first hour was just waiting while I waited for the light to get right and the tigers to finish their nap. They kindof got a lot more active after the light faded..which again was a problem..even at f2.8 (i was using velvia)..shutter speeds were too slow and the tigers always kept moving or whatever. I went thru a couple of roles and still wasnt sure if I had any which were sharp.


    The whole exp. gave me renewed respect for people who get wildlife shots out in the open. Seems like an impossible task.

  3. The picture was taken with a Nikon 180mm @ f2.8.

    It was getting a bit dark and I was using Velvia..

    Went thru a couple of rolls before I got a few with the Tiger sitting still for long enough.

    I must have been about 25 feet away.

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