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  1. brendan_hohls


    What an honest and beautiful portrait! Lovely! I like the lighting and composition and your lovely model's eye contact.
  2. brendan_hohls


    Hi Jim Thank you so much!
  3. Hi Jim I really like the pose a lot!
  4. What beautiful tonality and three dimensionality this portrait has! Lovely! I think that it is also a good visual twist that the viewer can't be totally sure whether it is a fold in the design at the elbow or the model's nipple subtly revealed. Very clever!
  5. Great mood! The trees are leaning into the storm and that reinforces the wave action.
  6. brendan_hohls


    Thank you so much David. Dancers move so well, even when they are not moving. Regards Brendan
  7. brendan_hohls


    Is that mutton cloth that you've used? It is a very effective result!
  8. brendan_hohls


    What an appealingly mischievous face your model has! Very well captured by you!
  9. brendan_hohls


    You have mastered capturing models totally at ease and comfortable with themselves. Beautifully and sensitively lit shot!
  10. brendan_hohls


    Great spontaneity! A lovely natural shot of a truly gorgeous model.
  11. brendan_hohls


    Gorgeous portrait! I take the point about the model's head appearing large, but at the same time this actually works well for me. The feeling is certainly accentuated by the placement of the model's arms. She almost looks innocent and very youthful until you look a little further and you see that she is a fully beautiful woman. Very nice!
  12. brendan_hohls


    Thank you so much Steve and John, your comments are much appreciated. I have much to learn still....
  13. brendan_hohls


    What incredible prsence and energy your model has! Well captured John!
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