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  1. An old Copal Square S shutter never fails. 😄 I got the shutter to work as intended. Initially the mirror stayed open and the shutter did not close. The closing blades were somehow stuck (like oily aperture blades). Probably someone had sprayed some sort of lubricant in the past. Long story short. I gave the whole thing, shutter blades and the complete shutter mechanism a good rinse with cleaning solvent for electronic circuits (Kontakt 601) that leaves no residue and does not harm any materials. After that, the shutter fired again with no problems. Only thing that does not work properly is the self timer. There are two tiny (very tiny) hair-springs that cock two small levers in this clockwork and those are missing. Does not affect the rest though. Anyone has a close up shot in high resolution of the shutter by any chance? Can´t find anything good on the net... Thanks and stay tuned Arno
  2. Thank you Steven, Jim, for the good explanations! Good to see that there are some more EF enthusiasts here. It is fascinating to see how the meter-needle position is transfered into the correct corresponding aperture-setting. All without electronics, just pure precise mechanics. I spent at least one hour last night just to examine all those levers... Next thing, I will remove the galvanometer, since the aperture scale in the viewfinder seems to be stuck or disengaged. The more I deal with my "for parts only" EF, the more I am reaching out to get her back to life again 🙂 Fortunately the PO didn´t break anything as far as I can see. Have a great week. Arno
  3. I am still wondering, how the f-stop-metering (position of needle in viewfinder) is transformed into the correct aperture setting on the lens? Has to be some sort of delicate mechanics. Anybody here can explain this? Thanks, Arno
  4. Just got this one, high mileage EF. Purchased it mainly to satisfy my curiosity how it looks from the inside. 😀 And for parts maybe. (PO ripped it apart, not me...) Might as well try to get her back together and working again. 🤔 252850 / P11x (01/1975) / microprism
  5. Thanks for the reply. Looks like this has something to do with my location...I am based in Germany.
  6. @ gwhitegeog would like to download the EF files, but the links don´t work...any ideas? Thanks, Arno
  7. Just in...😀 298970 / P922 / split screen / old switch
  8. As of Dec, 28th, 2022, there is an EF with the highest number I have seen so far for sale on ebay in Germany. 502086 Unfortunately the date code is not legible. Wonder what the "last" EF was and when it was built.
  9. Interesting thread, indeed. My 3 EF´s (4th is on the way...) love this camera! 220262 / has Film in it / microprism screen 360378 / Q629 / split screen 412587 / R632 / split screen Arno
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