by Gábor Koscsó

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Published: Sunday 25th of December 2005 09:01:27 PM


Marcin Lichowski
Congrats to you. A fine photo and even sweeter portfolio...reflects an eastern european sensibility. Hungarian I imagine? I like it a lot. It communicates very well!

Szabolcs S.
meg mindig nagyon jo:)

Monika Brand
fantastic work!

Paul Louis Villani
I like this picture alot. Well worked!

Manuel Álvarez-Arenas Bayo
One of my two favourites in your portfolio. It's just great.

Pernilla Öst
Hehe :) funny titel. Love it

Brad Kim
Very artistic....Excellent composition!

Iren Nagy
Gabor Wonerful~ it is like a charcoal drawing! ~ very effective, szia, Iren

Michael Stumpf
Koscso, please do not take this the wrong way, but this has a wonderful flat 'charcoal drawing' feel to it. The basic shapes work well against the 'marks' of the birds, and it all lays nicely on the soft background. Nice work. Fellow photog, Mike.

Igor Amelkovich
!!!!!!!!!! Yes!

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente y bello trabajo tecnico, un cordial saludo Gabor.

Keith Cottrill
I like the moody feel of this picture. It reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth watercolor.

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Good work! d.

J Franco

Iren Nagy
Yes( igen)...Magyar (Hungarian)!

Adolfo Valente
A great composition

Carlos Perez
Your portfolio is one of the best i ever seen. Grat exposures and technics of W/B photo and the most important thing is how dramatic are your photos. Congratulations!!

David Meyer
Koscsó My favorite from your portfolio. This is just a supberb image. Dark, sinister, and full of forboding. You really nailed this one.

Bela Laszlo Molnar
Hi Gabor

It is truly an artistic image.


Koscsó Gábor
Castle All comments and critiques are greatly appreciated.

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