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Light movement


Lights moving in the wind. Shot on a tripod with a (vintage) Super macro Takumar 50 mm 4.0 lens.

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A photo made in the dark, but with a bright light source. It shows how light moves in slight wind (coming from a fan). I liked the uneven patterns of the motion. The subject offers many possible approaches, so you might see more images like this one. Your comments are very welcome.
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My oh my, Vincent! What an extraordinary abstract. My guess is that, given the light source from below, the tiny light creatures actually are bright light at the end of tree branches. There is some uniformity of shape, but the real interest comes from the few vagabonds, which include 3 tiny meters.. -- -My best always, michael
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Hi Michael,


thank you for these friendly comments and your continuing support! I'm very pleased to read you think this is an extraordinary abstract. The lights in the image are actually from a fiber optic lamp. It is almost mesmerizing to watch the fiberglass 'stems' moving in the dark. Kind regards, Vincent

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Vincent, I love this photo - fiber optic light? Looks Heavenly!! I noticed that you used a Canon R6? I was thinking of getting the Canon RP. How do you like the mirrorless? I have a Canon 6D now, but getting tired of the weight. Any advice? Thanks so much. Mitch
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Hi Mitch,


thank you for your appreciation and taking the time to write! Mirrorless takes some getting used to, but I really struggled with the almost infinite settings in the menu. Due to personal circumstances I haven't spent much time on shooting with my R6, but I hope that will be more soon. I have looked at an in-depth review of the RP (https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-rp-review) and it almost seems like a bargain! It's packed with features and seems to offer good image quality, although I've read the raw files can be a bit noisy. What you'll like is the AF of the mirrorless Canons, it is truly amazing. It works flawlessly with your existing EF-lenses, so you don't have to invest in the rather expensive RF glass right away. The maximum number of shots in burst mode only might be a problem if you want to shoot wildlife and/or sports. The size and weight are a lot less than those of the 6D, so you'll like those too. It's just a bit less sturdy and solid than what you're used to. Kind regards, Vincent

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