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A vintage lens that has given me lots of joy and nice results over the years. Shot on a tripod with a Canon Powershot A75.

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This Super Macro Takumar 50 mm 4.0 is a lens from the late 1960's, probably 1969. I bought it around 2005 for € 10. It has always functioned flawlessly and it still does, despite its age. It's not just the technical quality I like about it, but certainly also the results I have obtained using it. There are many pictures in my portfolio that have been shot with this great piece of optical engineering, like the last photo I uploaded of the caterpillar of the small tortoiseshell. I understand that a gear photo is not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it deserved the attention. Your comments are very welcome.
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Glad to see this vintage device in your interpretation, Vincent! It is beautiful! I like it! Bravo! Sincerely, Tatiana

P.S. I would muffle the background.

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In 1980 I bought the fabulous Pentax LX with a 1: 4 - 100mm Dental Macro, for medical use, which I have been using for over 30 years. An excellent lens by itself, this unit is part of a kit that includes a ring flash, and two matching close up adapters. Your article showing you satisfied with this old lens inspired me to reuse it with an adapter for Nikon. I'll let you know if it's still valid , ciao Giangiorgio
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Vincent, congratulations toi your wonderful lens. It's very interesting too to see the history of Asahi, Asahi Pentax (they bought the name Pentax from VEB Zeiss Ikon). Kind regards, Franz
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Hi Giangiorgio,


thank you for your friendly and personal comments! I hope your vintage lens still works too, I look forward to seeing the results with an adapter on your Nikon. Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Tatiana,


thank you for your beautiful comments! Thanks for your advice too; would you blur the background, or darken it? Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Franz,


thank you for your friendly comments! I didn't know the name Pentax was bought from VEB Zeiss Ikon, thanks. I believe Pentax is now a division of Ricoh. Kind regards, Vincent

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Vincent, I really like this image. It really does this classic vintage lens justice, and your caterpillar photo demonstrates how it performs timelessly even in our digital world. Happy New Year! Todd
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Hi Vincent, I agree with Scott, the lighting is perfect. Incidentally, I was lucky enough to inherit a Canon 50mm macro from my dad's collection, originally purchased in about 1973. The Canon was billed at the time as a flat-field, 1:2 copy lens. The reproduction ratio is 1:1 with the "life-size adapter", basically and extension tube. Love this lens for sentimental reasons as well as its technical abilities.

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Hi Todd,


thank you so much for your friendly comments! This is a great lens indeed (and still going strong). A happy new year to you too! Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Charles,


thank you for your personal comments and the photo of your dad's 50 mm; these are great lenses indeed and we should continue using them. Happy new year! Kind regards, Vincent

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