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I like your abstract vision here. Of course, I don't know your intent, but the way I interpret it, or can interpret it, I like. You give a little peak at the soft little figure, that seems to be invitingly looking, as in "come and play", but at the same time the hard, violent, bar says "oh no, you're not getting any closer...this is all you get". This is also supported by the light blue colour of her clothes, while the bar has a darker, shiny, blue colour. Swing in another gulp of V8, dude! Cheers, Micheal
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Thanks, dude. Obviously nobody cared too much for this one. It's really okay with me though. I'm not angry. Maybe it's because I'm back in Des Moines. Had to come here for a family medical emergency to help put for a week or two. It just killed me to have to drive here without any hope of stopping to photograph. I'm hoping that on the way home I can get a pic or two.
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When this will became part of your blue period, all the people that did not criticize it favourably will feel sorry :-) Some pictures have so much personal sentiment and faces we love, we get attached to them. I am not a good critic. I am glad you took this picture and gave it your personal touch. Its pictures like this that bring much happiness for your beautiful subject, as is a work of love. On this note I want to send best wishes for you and family. I sincerely hope you pull trough the hard times. I hope you will find time for pictures and the other one of your favourite pastimes playing with your granddaughter when go back home. Do have a safe journey my friend. All the best, Mario.


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You are so damned nice! Everything here in Des Moines is going okay. I'm not doing much in the way of photography, but that's alright, as I'm helping my sister and mother. That's what we are supposed to so on this earth, and the photography will be fine when I get to it. This pic is mostly experimental. Just playing around. I was merely commenting on the fact that nobody had commented upon it, which is a pretty good sign that it did not capture their imaginations. But I'm okay with that. Really. But once again I'm deeply indebted for your kind comments and good wishes. You'r a good man my barbarian friend. And, maybe someday if you play your cards right you will be a curmudgeon too. I'll sponsor you for membership.
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David, I don't know when you took this one, but it depicts your mood! far from her, in a family medical problem, without your camera and can not be in touch with her....( I hope it will soon change, you do wonders with her, and your love and connection with/to her is very nicely felt)


Interesting rendition. and look at Mario the barbarian.... if he is a barbarian, I'm a monkey....lol( maybe I'm... but he is certainly not !)

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Thanks so much. Yes, things are going reasonably well, and I expect to be able to start the trip homeward on Monday. I'll be glad to see my grand children and my cats, and may even have enough time to stop and get a picture or two on the way. Peace
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