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Fuji GS645S Eyecup

robert fox

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I've been searching without success for an eyecup for my newly

acquired Fuji GS645S. As far as I can tell, this camera accepts a

slip on circular rubber eyecup. Does anyone on this forum know of a

source where I can find one, or perhaps maybe have one for sale?


Thanks in advance - Bob

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From the manual for GS645s on page 12:


"The eyepiece socket of your GS645s has a 19mm diameter and a 0.75mm-pitch screw thread. It will take any commercially available diopter-adjustable eyepiece, rightangle finder etc.


Fuji does not supply these accessories."


I am writing this information in hope it might lead you (and others) to some 3rd party stuff. You already got info about Nikon eyecups.

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I recently purchased a Fuji GS645S Wide and saw the comments regarding eyepieces/eye cups. I tried on a 'Nikon (flip up) eyepiece magnifier':  (two group, three elements. Eyesight adjustment from +2 to -4 adopters. Accepts a rubber cup. Works great..enhances the range finder patch as well! Hope this helps some one!

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