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panoramic mode on Olympus digital camedias

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Having problems selecting the panorama mode on the Olympus camedia

digital cameras with the Multi media cards. and yes it does have the

P designation on the Olympus card.

1> Does anyone else have this issue?

2> Will any alternative MM cards work with the panorama mode.


I guess I am asking whether Olympus is having a branding issue to

make money. I mean it is memory, not film size right???


Any help always welcome



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Non-Olympus cards can be "re-programmed" to enable the panoramic mode.

I discovered a gentleman in NY who will do this for about $10 per card on the www.dpreview website (Olympus forum). Well worth the cost savings over Oly cards.

I had him do his trick on a 128mb card that cost me a total of about $30 after rebates.

If you e-mail me I'll supply you with his name and address.

You may also find on the forum mentioned (in the archives) how to do this on your own, but I found it too involved to justify the possibility of screwing up my card.

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