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CANON 10D how fast is display and raw convertion

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i am using at the moment th fuji s2 for fahion, product and


i guess i will change my system to canon 10d, because of the

possibility of choosing the adobe rgb instead of the small srgb.

in order to work fast it is very important for me to know how long it

takes, that a just taken picture appears on the lcd display.

also i need to know how long it takes to convert a raw into a tif file

with the canon software and if there is a automatic workflow to

convert a whole folder to tif.

thank you


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I have Capture One LE for RAW conversion from my 10D. C1LE is excellent. It's also $99. As soon as it converts, it throws the file into PS7. I've never even tried the Canon RAW converter, but I've heard enough about it's slowness and limitations to not even bother with it.

Download if for a 15-day trial and see how you like it.


As for how quickly a just-taken image shows up on the LCD, it's about 2-3 seconds for RAW, 1 second for JPEG. I generally have the 10D set to Review On (Info), which immediately displays a thumbnail, histogram, and shows blown highlights as flashing black areas on the thumbnail. You can fire off a 9-shot burst sequence, in RAW (actually it's RAW + imbedded JPEG) or JPEG only, and as soon as you release your finger from the shutter button, the LCD immediately starts displaying the Review On (Info) for each image in quick succession. The succession is just a bit slower for RAW, quick for JPEG.

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The Canon RAW software (for the 10D) isn't that bad, but it is a bit slow. How slow obviously depends on what computer you use. On the other hand it's free, which is a significant advantage over the other alternatives!


If you shoot RAW a lot and time is an issue, you'll probably end up going with 3rd party software.

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The 10D can imbeds JPEGs in the RAW files for quick reviewing. The size of the JPEG is selectable.


Tiff conversion is painfully slow. 80 shots (a full 512MB card) will take a cup of coffee. Or two.


Displaying on the screen takes a few seconds. I am not sure if "fashion" implies moving models. If so, it is good to know that the Canon can do 3FPS, with an internal 9 shot internal buffer. The camera will prioritize taking photos over "displaying last shot" or "writing to the card" until the internal buffer is full.

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