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New Nikon DX Lens.

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i had a brief chance to test one this afternoon, and the answer is yes, it is definitely

worth the money. it is a very fine performing lens is the one I got to try is

representative. <P>Because Nikon does not recommend using the lens on a film SLR I

went ahead and tried it on an F5. There is gradually decreasing vignetting from

12mm to 16mm, but no vignetting from 17mm to 24mm. At 17mm I tested for

vignetting at all f-stops: there was none. Color was excellent as was resolution

(although I was not photographing test targets). The lens has a very nice feel, and

auto-focus is very, very fast. the interesting thin =g for film shooters is that at 12mm

you get the coverage of a 12mm rectilinear lens across a 24mm x 24mm format(that

is cropping out the vignetted corners.

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There's a current thread on the Nikon forum about this, it might help you.


I've had one for a few weeks now, using it on both an F5 and a D1. It finally lets me get the same angle of view on the D1 as I used to be able to get with an 18mm on film. And it focuses fast. It is a bit bigger and heavier than expected. But not objectionable.


Worth the money? Take a look at the AF18-35 F/3.5-4.5D, too. It's a bit smaller and lighter a lot cheaper, and pretty wide. You have to say if the extra 1.5x wider is worth >2x the price. I've had the 18-35 for several years now, but missed the wide angle with the D1. So I'm happy to have it back again. But I also observe that the extreme wideangle can be hard to work with. It all depends on what you want to do...

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I bought the first of two delivered in Tampa FL two weeks ago and have had the pleasure of using it on several shoots. I do primarily youth sports photography, which requires a lot of team shots. My D100 with a 28mm required me to get way back. Using this new 12-24 allowed me to get 4 feet from a team of 10 and use my DZ80 in a stroboflip, instead of rigging and metering strobes. The edge to edge sharpness even at wide open is terrific. Overall it is the handiest lens I have used in this type of photography and has really made my life easier.

http://www.picturethisgraphicsandphotography.com/wideteam.jpg will show you an example.<div>005XRV-13661184.thumb.jpg.5b09c07464f4c67a71bb4bb652098521.jpg</div>

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