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raw v jpg(fine) on 10d

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ofcoursether are differences: the jpeg image is compresed to start with, which means

that sme data the computer in th camera decides is irrelevant, color balanced is

locked in, thedevices clor space is chosen and theere is some loss of resolution as the

image is shoe horned into an 8 bit per color channel format whereas RAW leaves all

ofth data recorded unaltered and in a larger (12 bit /channel) format.<P>Whether

using the RAW format is appropriate for every photograph in every situation is an

open question that you must determine.<P>You should take some test shots of the

same subjects and decide for yourself which works for you and when.

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Hey Paul,


I started shooting RAW about 2 months ago, and would like to share my experience.


The biggest difference in a RAW file is that you have the ability to change all "on camera" settings after you shoot the image. Where as, with a .jpg, you are pretty much stuck with what you shoot. Not to mention that the .jpg is a compressed file and image quality suffers...


I use Capture One DSLR LE from PhaseOne Software to convert my RAW files (www.phaseone.com). It is awesome!! You can change all settings in the RAW! Like: Exposure Compensation, Contrast Compensation, Color Cast/White Balance, Sharpening, Levels & Curves, etc...etc...etc...


The other great thing is that with the interface, you can apply changes you make on one image to all the other images in the folder with the click of one button. So nice!! Cuts down on PS work. C1 produces images that are ready to print, so your Photoshop work is minimal!


I would encourage you to try it out and see what you think. There is a free, 15 day, full version demo you can download. It has given me so much more flexibility in my photography because I can simply worry about the composition and fix any flaws in the RAW processing.


Best of luck,

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again, the learning curve for RAW is much steeper but in the long run it is definitely worth it. It seems somewhat odd to buy such a wonderful/potent camera like the 10D and then don't take full advantage of its capabilities...


Best of luck!

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