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Automatic...bracketing? DSLRS

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Hi guys. I am saving for a digital SLR. What I am wondering though

is: if they can acheive autofocus and all these other brilliant

automatic things, then can they bracket automatically?


eg - I'm taking a picture of something fast moving, and it will only

be there a few seconds. I want to get the DOF perfect, so I intend to

take one pic at f3.5, one at f8 and another at f22. Can the camera do

this by itself in quick succession, eg 3fps or faster?

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I don't belive that's true.


I certainly can't set my 10D to automatically take one frame at f2.8, one frame at f8 and one frame at f22 all with the same exposure (i.e. with different shutter speeds to give the same exposure).


You couldn't do it on the D30 or D60 either.


You can bracket three different EXPOSURE levels, but you can't bracket settings for ONE exposure level.


Maybe you can do it on some other DSLRs?

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I can do it with the 10d, but not automatically: After composing the picture and half pressing the trigger, rotate the small wheel on the grip until you see the desired shutter/aperture combination. Press the trigger. Rotate the wheel again until you see the next shutter/aperture combination. Press the trigger. And so on.
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