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Canon PowerShot A70,

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My father wants to buy a digital camera he is thinking of Canon

PowerShot A7 camera I have read the lens has severe distortion. is

this true?

Also what do they mean by custon white point balance? does it mean

you can set colour temp like in the D10?

Thank you for your time and help,

Best Regards,


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All in all, the A70 is an amazing camera for $300. I would say the lens has about average distortion for a small digicam--not bad, really. The above shot was taken at the wideangle setting in macro mode from a very close distance, and I don't find any objectionable distortion.


As for white balance, I've never needed to go there. So far the auto white balance has worked like a champ.<div>005bQy-13779384.jpg.623b5baa200bd4bb8b2769adcde4c697.jpg</div>

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Great camera for the price. Includes a usable manual mode.


Controls are very well arranged. The function button on the back brings up all the most-used controls. Is is good to use the "cloudy" setting to improve skin tone in many shots.


Has barrel distortion of straight lines near the edge in wide angle- not important for most things.

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Don't worry about the distortion, unless you shot buildings most of the time.


Auto white balance works well. When I use a slave flash, then custom white balance is needed. Point the camera to the scene you want to shot, press a button, with the slave firing, then the camera will adjust the white balance.

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