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Not (strictly) photography related ...

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I haven't posted photos on PN for many years. In conversation with another PN member I realized that it was high time I updated my 'Personal Album' with some photos that were less than 10 years old 😉.

In that period, 95% of the photos I take are as a 'voluntary photographer' for various local not-for-profit organizations. They have implicit 'ownership' over the publication of my photos (whatever the laws say) so it just doesn't feel right to me to publish these photos on PN.

I have a small group of close friends (now all women) who from time visit art museums. Usually as a 'birthday treat' where the person whose birthday is it is gets to choose where we go and goes for free.

Yesterday, we visited the 'Panamarenko house' in Antwerp. I'd never heard of 'Panamarenko' and I'm sure you haven't either. But I found the visit really fascinating. 'Panamarenko' is considered an artist, especially in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. He was also much wider acclaimed. He qualified as an 'artist' from the Belgian Art Academy. Yes, he made many 2-D visual artworks, but his main interests were 3-D objects related to 'flight'. His main 'artistic activities' were therefore design, engineering and construction. I found it fascinating to look his very cluttered house (and all his junk)! Everything gave the impression that he was a 'scatter-brained artist', flitting between various unfinished projects, leaving all his copious junk wherever it had fallen. In contrast, his extensive book and VHS collections were well-ordered.

Although this post (with the exception of photos taken by and of him) has little to do with photography,  I  just want to mention that I for the first in a long time felt inspired to take some photos  (on my mobile phone).

This is absolutely not an 'ad' but I've uploaded  couple of photos to my album.


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