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The material aspect of photography …

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Thanks Sam.  Reminds me in concept of Newton Harrison's "Portable Fish Farm" installation which was part of the "11 Los Angeles Artist" show that toured Europe in 1971.  My drawing teacher at Long Beach State (CSULB) in the early 70's was Max Hendler who was one of the artist in the show who explained that Harrison's exhibit consisted of several tanks filled with catfish through the stages of their life cycle.  The last tank of mature catfish were to be electrocuted and then served in a feast at the gallery.  This created such a furor that the matter was actually debated in parliament and animal rights advocate actually attacked the museum.  After negotiations, the artist agreed not to kill any fish in public and the exhibit proceeded.

The tie in to Sam's post is, according to Hendler, that Harrison wanted to depict the reality of what actually happens in procuring the animals we eat.  Again according to Hendler, the concept is that people take for granted the finished product on ones plate without looking at the harsh process that takes place to get it there. This was a non photographic means of presenting the concept visually.  Thought you might be interested.

Here's a link: https://artsandculture.google.com/story/11-los-angeles-artists-hayward-gallery/5wVxYJ5OA5oJLQ?hl=en#

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And Slap! 
an eye opening topic worth serious consideration and research for ways to improve and understand... the impact we have as photographers. 
fortunately there are many suggestions by photographers and sites worth checking out. Being aware of the environmental footprint we have is a good starting point.
Thanks sam.

n e y e

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