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I know that radically tilted horizons are "in" these days, but I don't get it with this image. It's so blatant that I think that it detracts from the main subject.

I'd pull down the cloud highlights to get a little more detail in there; otherwise, I love the colors and motion, which is hard to get just right in a still image.

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Thanks folks!  This was more of an accident that I liked than anything ... crouching down, searching for a unique view.. guess I didn't set before I clicked.  Somehow, it looks better than the 'proper' images - and I'm still thinking on that one.

Mike - thanks for that color observation.. I knew it had something soft about it, didn't know what.  Shooting in the desert can be challenging, sunrise and sunset are by far the best times (meaning you get very little sleep).

DC - thanks for the advice on the highlights. I need to start exposing for those then pull out the lowlights in post.  A little more work but worth it.


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