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Replacement for EOS 600D

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You are probably aware that Canon is no longer developing DSLRs or EF lenses, as the market has moved significantly to mirrorless cameras.  That said, DSLR's are still available, and there is no reason why you can't buy one and use it for a very long time.

To replace a 600D, I would look at the Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i,  2000D/Rebel T7 or 800D/Rebel T7i.  All similar to your 600D, with 24mp with better performance all around.  The xxx models have more features and may have a somewhat better sensor than the 2000D, but look at DPreview.com for specifics and of course price differences.

Going with a mirrorless replacement would not be very painful since with an adaptor, your EF lenses work just fine.  The advantage of getting an Canon R50 instead of a DSLR is that Canon included a really good version of its subject recognition and AF tracking tech in this camera, if you are shooting things that move.  The adaptor is about $130, and you need it to use EF lenses.  Again, spending some time with DPreview.com would be helpful.  Also, while EF lenses can be used on R bodies, RF lenses cannot be used on Canon DSLRs.

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Thanks Ken,

I hadn't thought of a mirror less with a lens adapter.

To be honest, she uses the current camera in basic mode where the camera automatically selects ISO and exposure, so just general snapshots.

I will do some research on the cameras you've mentioned.

I'm in the UK.

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