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1 hour ago, digitaldog said:

If you can still find one, a smart display system like the SpectraView PA271Q. 

that's what I have, and I love it, but they are hard to find--discontinued quite a long time ago. Sharp bought NEC several years ago, and they have substantially reduced the number of wide-gamut monitors they sell.

John--You didn't say what your goal is. In particular, do you print a lot? If you do (I do), then a wide-gamut monitor like the NEC is a real help. If you display only online, I don't think you'll find it much of an advantage, since most monitors that people viewing your photos will use are at best sRGB.

If you want wide gamut and don't want to spend Eizo-level prices, you might want to look at BenQ. From what I have read and from the reports I've had from users. their quality control has sometimes left something to be desired, but if you get one that's working properly, they are very good for the price.

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