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Does this photo software even exist? ...

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I'm a woodworker and I've got an idea for a piece that's gonna take some kind of photo mosaic software.  Thing is, most of the software I've found so far keeps input photos in their original top up orientation, and I need the software to feel free to rotate the input pictures in the final mosaic.

Here's my idea.  I'll be cutting LOTS of wood squares out about 1"x1", baking them in the over at varying times/temps so they have different hues, taking a picture of each one, labeling the blocks on the back to keep track of them, and then load the pics into some mosaic software to create a large picture.  If the software were to allow the input pictures to be rotated in the final mosaic, not only could you not tell as these are pictures of wood blocks, but the end picture will end up looking better for it.

Thanks for the help.

'If the end of the world ever comes move to Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years later.' ~ Mark Twain

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I think @paddler4's suggestion is worth considering. But perhaps you're overcomplicating a (technical) solution for what you want to achieve. You're a woodworker and you want to create a mosaic of 1" blocks of different hues.

So what's stopping you from (physically) creating one or more mosaics and photographing/editing them? Why do you need need to photograph each 1" block and combine these photos into a mosaic? IMHO the skill level, learning curve and amount of to implement @paddler4's suggestion is huge, considering that you're primarily a woodworker.

My suggestion : do what you do best (woodworking), assemble one or more  physical) mosaics. Get a photographer to photograph your mosaics in the best light. Edit or expand these photos as you wish.

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I definitely appreciate all the advice gents.  Looking back at my original post I now realize I got too caught up with this idea of picture rotation and missed the opportunity to ask my question more succinctly.

Basically I'm looking for photo mosaic software that can be used to make an actual physical thing rather than just an image file, meant to be printed out.  Although it might be possible to use regular photo mosaic software to do something like this, since I'll be using hundreds of wood blocks that all look very similar, the software might even need to be able to instruct in what order the pictures should be arranged.

I know this is kind of niche but this software has been around long enough that I would have though someone would have thought about doing something like this before, although I can't recall seeing anything like it before.  If the logistics can be worked out I'm more than sure it'll be worth the effort.

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'If the end of the world ever comes move to Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years later.' ~ Mark Twain

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Hi @heath_haysT.B.H, my gut feeling is that you're looking for an easier solution for what is otherwise a lot of hard work, My gut feeling is that potential 'enablers' depend on how much you're prepared to invest in this mosaic in relation to the potential returns.I have absolutely no knowledge of experience with what you want to create!

FWIW, I watch some BBC 'Money for Nothing programmes, a few of which show woodworkers turning 'old wood' into more more modern furniture. One guy, in particular has a skill in turning 'old planks' into into more modern wood-chevronned furniture. But he uses 'old-school' (manual) techniques to produce lined-up chevrons that match in terms of color and patina.

I have no idea how you would go about about digitally creating your mosaic but my gut feeling is that you would need to use some kind of CAD/CAM tool. CAD/CAM tools are way outside the expertise of most members of this community.

There are IMHO - as a complete amateur - at least 4 steps that you would need to take:

- to design your mosaic and - if you want to produce this digitally - digitize your design with a CAD (or perhaps CAD/CAM) tool

- to digitally (3-D) scan the physical components that you want to use in your design

- to map (and adjust) your design onto the scanned components and decide where the cuts are going to be made

- cut out the components either manually or via CAM software

To be honest, reviewing this list, it looks to me to be an expensive investment and steep learning curve for just 1 work.

So my two suggestions are:

- either do it manually, and/or

- hire in a company who already have the equipment and software to deliver you the mosaic components; perhaps even the complete mosaic under your direction.

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