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Any issues with LR finding my catalogs on a newly installed SSD drive?

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I'm about to replace my failing hard drive (disk) on a Dell desktop with an SSD drive. I have everything backed up.

I will put all of my catalog backups in the same place on the new SSD, namely, in my 'Pictures' folder.

Even though it is in the Pictures folder on the new drive, will LR still go to the 'Pictures' folder to open from the last backup? Will it have a problem finding/recognizing the new drive and my backup catalogs?



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To add to Dog's comment: with the default settings, LR always tries to open the last catalog it had opened. However, if you manually open a catalog from within Lightroom, that one becomes the default. So the bottom line is that it makes no difference where you put the stuff on your new SSD, as long as you know the path so that you can direct LR to it.

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