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Peter Walnes - BEWARE!!

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Peter Walnes is living in or around Cornwall, UK 

He was given a suspended sentence in June 2023. (I didn't know this at the time) and was just about to send him a parcel of my equipment but something didn't sound right and I started doing a brief check.

AFTER he had his court appearance,  he was still soliciting to "buy" equipment. 

I have made out a fresh complaint against him with the Cornish Police.

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Interesting (if sad) read. I read that his "company" (with him and his wife as directors) has now been dissolved. But (in the UK),

"You can remain self-employed as a sole trader once you are declared bankrupt with a few conditions. The main one is that you must trade under your own name or the name you used when you went bankrupt." [1].

And of course, Walnes has a 2-year suspended jail sentence hanging over his head. 

TBH, I can't imagine that he'll be doing much on-line trade from now on.



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(Ian Rivlin) I'm visiting the forum after some considerable time away.

Having received more than half a dozen emails from PW recently, and asked for a quote for some gear that I may choose to sell, I have done a little searching and found your post here.

Thank you for submitting it. Could easily have gone badly. Very sad, I have had successful purchases from him in the past.

Please share with the membership.


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