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When viewing forum topics, the images appear sequentially in a vertical stream on a white background. If I click on any of the photos it appears in a box on a black background, and often the effect is remarkably different, often for the better in my opinion. Is there a way for me toggle the default background to black?

FWIW, I am using firefox browser on W10 22H2. I don't want to change my default view for all pages on all sites.

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The black overlay you see is called a "lightbox".  Across the board whether in a forum platform or a CMS like WordPerfect, software developers have long ago standardized the function and appearance--to black for definition.

The styling can be changed, but it requires adding a new instruction to the CSS file that controls the overlay appearance.  The instruction looks something like this (for the Xenforo platform):



.fancybox-image .fancybox-container {

   background: transparent;

   background-color: #ffffff !important;



This can also be called up by an option script, which is also pasted into the CSS file.

I doubt that anyone is ever going to research the specifics on this, no less dabble about in the extra.css file for the site.  But yes, it can be done by a site developer.

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