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Canon EF to Micro 43 adaptor

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Since there is no Olympus or m43 subforum, I guess this post goes here?

Anyone have experience with an EF to m43 adaptor?  Looking at the Viltrox M1, Fotodix Pro Fusion, or Vello adaptors, which cost between $136 and $153 at B&H.  Not interested in spending over $300 for a Metabones unit.  Looking for decent AF performance mounting a Canon EFS 55-250 IS II onto an Olympus EM-5 III, including continuous AF performance.  Don't want any optics/ focal length reducer type adaptors since I want more reach than my light/cheap/sharp Oly 40-150mm f5.6.

Let me know if anyone has used any of these units.  I may buy one to try and return if it doesn't work as advertised.


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