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Using a Panasonic HC-WX995M 4K camcorder in the US.


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I am in the market to upgrade my Panasonic HDC-TM900K 1080p to a 4K camcorder (I love this form factor) and I was researching a suitable upgrade. I have seen some reasonably priced Panasonic HC-WX995M online but I see that it is a Japanese model only.

Living in the US, would there be any issues if I were to pick up one of these?


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What's a "reasonable" price? What is the intended use?

There is the HC-WX991K. I'm not sure how useful a picture-in-picture effect would be in a camera. I use it from time to time with multiple-camera sessions and streaming, but with a video switcher.

I suggest looking at a small camera with a 20X zoom, 1" sensor, and full-sized HDMI connector for anything beyond what you would get with a smart phone.


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