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Sandy Vongries

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Ok gotta define this stuff:

  • Fishing:  Time spent outdoors with beer or other mood moderators.  Requires being near a body of water, and possession of fishing gear.  The purpose may or may not be to actually catch anything.
  • Catching:  A focused task that involves doing everything possible to acquire anything from a single fish to tons of the slimy critters.
  • Phishing:  Kind of like catching, except that the phisher is slimy and the catch is someone else's cash...
  • Catphishing:  Think of the worst blind date you ever had.  

This connects us to the word "Punked."  That is what happens when you go to the sporting goods store, or encounter a Phisher and cavort about with them.  Seeing as it's after 12PM in Newfoundland, it's time to have a snort or three.  Maybe I will ask them about the fishing...



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