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Need help for a replacement Mirror for Mamiya RB67 Pro


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Add on to my last post

When I bought my ebay RB Pro S It had broken shutter release it was jamming in HARD.. I could well have sent it back however the components ALONE were worth more than I paid. There were lenses with the camera one a portrait tele.  No less than the highly desirable later KL varient.  KL's can be £300 alone, and this one is in pretty decent nick,  never mind the value of the other lenses the prism the film back the rotating plate even the ground screen. All those bits added up to more value than I had paid.

I hunted ebay and bought a working but for parts Pro S. body. Side trim was present but not attached EASY FIX. Leatherette was missing off the RH focus knob. I removed the leatherette off my broken RB focus knob then stuck it on the ebay parts one. I glued back on the side trim reprayed the bare alloy at the top edge of the ftont lens mount panel. I HAD NOW A DECENT FULLY WORKING RB. The ebay parts body I paid £70 for I then sold my own broken body on ebay for £50. That is a £20 fix of a buggered camera and the outfit worth more than I had paid for the busted one and extras originally

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