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Mirrorless Monday, Jan 30, 2023


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22 hours ago, Karim Ghantous said:

Performance seems very consistent, at least at these display sizes. Not bad at all.

I like the colour rendering, but performance wide open, especially edge and corners, is a bit disappointing considering it's a 7 element design, rather than than the usual 6 elements of an f/1.8 50mm lens. 

Res chart results show it performs about the same as a 6 element East-German CZ Jena Pancolar of the roughly same vintage. In fact the Pancolar might have better corners and a bit less central LoCa. More pixel-peeping required to confirm that.

Bonus Pic-DSC00908s.jpg.ca13de121125c8971d8cc3c691aefa08.jpg

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