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Horseman VH questions


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Hi all,

I recently-ish got a Horseman VH. Not the VH-R. Lots of online stuff about the latter, which largely applies to the former, but not entirely. For example:

1 - Do I need cams for the VH? Seem to be for coupling the rangefinder so I'm thinking not. There is definitely NOT a holder for cams on my VH. 

2 - How do I make sure my infinity stops are in the right place? I have 3 of them, with one very close to the beginning of the rail, and two right next to each other at the end of the rail. So close that I wonder if there is a meaningful difference between using them. I also can't figure out how to move the infinity stops if they are not in the right place. They are not color-coded. 

I did do a search on here, and did find some info on the cameras in general, but nothing specific to my questions. 



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