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Rolleiflex 2.8E unable to focus to infinity


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My newly acquired Rollei refuses to focus to infinity by a smidge and caps at a distance of around 20m, as the infinity hard stop prevents me from turning the focusing knob further. Prognosis is that the focusing knob is offset, as a flat object in focus is 3 feet 10 inches away from the focal plane when the focus scale reads 4 feet. Photos closer than 20m appear to be in focus so I can rule out lens board or ground glass misalignment. 

The question is how do I loosen the focusing knob so I can adjust it? A user in another discussion by the name of ic-racer mentioned that this was possible, but I've yet to find any online resources. My Rollei is the meterless variant by the way. 

URL to the previous thread: https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/can-a-rolleiflex-be-out-of-focus-calibration.156372/


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Well, impulsivity took a turn and I managed to correct the issue within an hour of posting this thread. There is a slotted nut once you undo the three grub screws and remove the ASA reminder dial. Use a spanner wrench to loosen said nut, move the now uncoupled focusing ring a desired amount, then tighten. The faceplate should now be almost in contact with the camera body. 

Hope this serves as posterity for anyone experiencing the same issue. 

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