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Zeiss vintage 521/16 camera


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I've had a shutter that wouldn't cock; that is, I could push the cocking lever across, but it wouldn't latch. That was a Japanese shutter, and I know I sorted it out quite easily but don't remember clearly; I think I may just have cleaned it (inside the shutter body, with lighter fuel as a solvent; not too much, on a cotton bud. Some people take the lens elements out and wash the whole shutter timing mechanism; I wouldn't do that unless the thing is in the trash otherwise). If you're unlucky your shutter may have a worn part.

What shutter is it?

By the way, if the lens is a Nettar, I think it's unlikely your camera is a 521; that would be an Ikonta, and it's lens would be a Novar, or Tessar etc, but not a Nettar (according to McKeown's book). I think what you have may be a Nettar (the camera as well as the lens), model 515/16.

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So, does the shutter fire instantly, or does it only fire after the self-timer winds down? 

If it fires instantly with the S-T set, then there's obviously something amiss. 

My guess would be that the shutter is the victim of amateur tampering, bungled 'repair' or the like. 

Are you looking for repair advice? Or asking if there's an easy fix? Because it sounds like the only recourse is to open the shutter and see what's broken or misplaced.

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The shutter cocking lever works in conjunction with a locking lever and the locking lever is usually spring loaded to keep it against the cocking lever thereby preventing the cocking lever from returning until the shutter button is pressed. The spring on the locking lever may be out of place, missing or broken, or the lever is severely gummed up. The self-timer has it's own way of locking the cocking lever, but it's working ok so you are not looking at that to fix, it's likely that you are only looking to fix the cocking lever mechanism itself.

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