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Hasselblad Lens Confusion


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I am an experienced 35mm photographer and decided to get into medium format by buying a second hand Hasselblad 500c/m and 80mm f2.8 lens. 

Camera and lens have arrived and are in first class condition as described by the seller. 

I am confused by the lens as it has no shutter speed ring to set the shutter speed. 

I have done a bit of research and it looks like it’s a Carl Zeiss T* Planar 80mm f 2.8.  Based on some Googling I think it is a FE model. It says F on the lens barrel and has four gold contacts inside and two blue lines on the barrel. 

Searching the lens number it looks like it was made in 1995. Have I bought something too modern. I was guided by the seller to choose this lens. 

What have I bought and why no shutter speed dial ?


Update - a bit more Googling and I have found out that this is an FE lens suitable for the 200 (and maybe 2000) camera body and not a 500 c/m. Looks like my seller had no idea.

Question - is this lens worth more than an 80mm CF lens ? I could sell this and buy a CF or just return it to the seller.







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2 hours ago, q.g._de_bakker said:

You are correct in what it is and what it is for.

It is more rare in the market than the CF version, but there will also be fewer people looking for one. So i'd say it is worth more, but it may take longer to sell.

Thanks for confirming. 

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