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Rolleicord Va II - frame counter


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The gap in the toothed wheel is normal, just one of the teeth is broken off. It's going to be difficult to find a replacement counter, as they will mostly be fitted to cameras. You may be lucky to find one which has been removed by the owner to fit a 16-on counter.


You might consider buying a 16-on kit consisting of a 16-on counter and the necessary masks for the finder and film gate, they do come up from time to time. That's if you are happy with 16 6x4.5 pictures per roll.

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I have tried to clean the teeth (lol) and “straighten” a couple that had a bent tip Then I put the counter back on the camera and tighten the screw that keeps it in place as much as I could. I’ve run a test-film through. If done carefully, the film advances properly.

But I’m keeping an eye out for a donor camera.

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