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Free or Open Source software for photo printing under Windows 10

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I responded to the wrong thread. Sorry.


That said, REC.709 is close to the colors on broadcast television, with one key reservation. No two TV's have the same color, nor is there any way to calibrate them. For that matter, no two broadcasts are the same. You can use a calibrated video monitor ($$$), but as with sRGB and photos, you hit an unhappy compromise for how your productions will appear to your clients.

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This link I just stumbled on might be of interest.


There appear to be working Selphy ICC profiles in the zipped download on that page.

Dunno - can't test - don't have a Selphy printer. However the user manual shows that the printer itself has many preset options, such as bordered or borderless printing, auto-correction, brightness, even redeye reduction! Everything in fact except Manual control of colour.:(

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