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Outdoor Video of Musician


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I plan to shoot a video of a violinist dancing while playing in an outdoor non performance setting.


Please comment on the following items


1. Violin contact audio transducer connected to small recorder hidden on musician

Zoom H5 or the more compact F1 or F2


2. Sync Audio and Video

- Is is sufficient to do one handcap in the camera so it is picked up on the audio and video in order to sync.

- Are there better ways to create a reference to sync audio and video.


3. Slo Mo

Would the video be awkward if I did some slo mo video but had the audio at normal speed.

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1. A Zoo F3 or F6 would be a better choice than a Zoom F1 or H5, designed mainly for use with a built-in microphone. The F2 with a lavalier mic is a distinct possibility. I've used a lavaliere mic to pick up a violin with pretty good results. On that line, a Rode Bluetooth lavaliere mic would bring sound directly to your camera if the distance is short enough. Otherwise a standard wireless mic would be needed.


2. It is easy to sync externally recorded sound with sound recorded in the camera, using a decent video editor like Premiere Pro ($$$), Final Cut ($$) or DaVinci Resolve (free). Mark an identifiable transient in the audio tracks as a guide, and align the marks in the timeline sequence.


3. You can't sync slo mo video with audio. Most cameras won't even record audio with slo-mo.

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