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New and hello for Arnprior, ON Canada


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Yes I am new here but not new to photography. I consider myself a photography enthusiast. Just one of my many hobbies. I'm also a multimedia artist and enjoy working with wood, employing the skills of woodcarving and wood turning to craft rocking horses and household items for my family and 8 grandchildren. My spare time is filled with learning to play the guitar.


Myself and three friends, all photography enthusiasts, faced with the many challenges of the 2020 Covid-19 lock down and social distancing, decided to actively pursue our passion for photography. We agreed, that on a weekly basis, we would each take two photos in and around our personal residences. Using an online video conferencing program, at the end of each week, we shared and critiqued these photos . Together we amassed a collection of over 240 photographs and decided to create a calendar of some of floral photos as well as publish a photo book of our collective photos. The calendar commemorates our physical and mental survival of 2020.


The extension of this fun exercise for me, is to share photos with other photographers and have an easy way to share my photos with family and friends..


Photo.net seems to me, like the ideal place for this with the benefit of getting comments and critiques, and help in making me be a better photographer.


Looking forward to meeting many of the photographers on this site.

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