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Fuji GS645 Pro Light Leaks


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I got this camera about a week ago, was advertised as having new bellows and it appears that the bellows are brand new, however it is having light leaks. Through some testing I have figured out that the light leaks are coming from the front of the camera and not the rear film door. I suspect that when the new bellows were installed they weren't adequately sealed on the camera end. Any suggestions as to how to proceed? I feel moderately comfortable pulling them and resealing them, but I am always looking for suggestions and tips. I got a partial refund since the "condition didn't match the description". I have read how to remove and install the bellows, however I am not entirely familiar with how they are connected to the bellows frame.


What's the best way to seal the bellows against he camera body? I've read suggestions of liquid electrical tape and silicon gasket maker.


Thanks! I'd really like to get this camera going. I've included an image showing the extent of the leaks. Test 1 was conducted by shining a bring LED lamp on the bellows for about a minutes prior to exposure. Test 2 was done with the front clamshell closed and shining light on the back for a minutes before exposure. If I keep the lens closed I can minimize the leaks, but I'd rather just reseal it.


Fuji Lightleaks

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I put a new bellows on my GS645 about a year ago. I bought it with some other GS645 parts and it was supposedly a new 3 party bellows. Not one of the original crappy ones that are so prone to leaks.


It's been a while but I don't recall any of the bellows installation instructions I found recommending that a sealant be used, but I did end up with two tiny leaks. One between the camera body and the bellows (in a corner) and one in the bellows itself. I really didn't feel like returning the bellows and going through the installation process over again so I attempted to fix it.


Liquid electrical tape fixed the problem areas. It's really helpful if you can track down the specific spots that are problematic. I went into a dark closet and used a small bright LED flashlight both stuck inside the bellows and shining at various angles through the front of the camera. They weren't easy to find and if I didn't know there was a leak somewhere I might have given up before I found them.

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