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Casual Photo Conversations Forum - Information

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This Forum was created to allow general discussion of Photography Topics that are not better suited to any other Forum.


By the nature of the Forum's Title ("Casual") and the breadth of its initiating Brief (described above), this Forum is allowed a wider berth of topic and historically sometimes afforded a wider variation of content within any one conversation, than what is typically the case with other, more specific Forums. However, the same Terms and Conditions and User Guidelines apply to this forum, as to any other Forum.


A definitive list of what Topics are allowed in this ‘Casual Photo Conversations Forum’ can be summarized by:

1. Discussion Photography related subjects with an aspect of Photography as the main theme.


The Rules of this Forum:

1. All content shall abide by the Terms & Conditions and User Guidelines.


A definitive list of what is NOT allowed in this Forum would probably have a factor of infinity, but here are some examples of what Topics are not allowed:


1. Politics

2. Religion

3. Best Board Games for Alcoholic Housewives

4. Best Pubs in Yorkshire

5. My Personal Whinge on the Proper Way to Stack the Dishwasher


Moderators are charged with applying Rules and Conditions and if deemed necessary, moderation primarily applies the Terms and Guidelines to commentary, in context and relative to other comments within a particular thread and moderation is also guided by the best interests of Photo.net, generally.


A few other reminders, while we are on the general topic of what is what:


Moderators sometimes move discussions between forums.


Moderator’s actions are not to be discussed in Forum Threads.


It's probably a good idea to mention that Humour is often a funny character and not all people see humour the same way. On the other hand, for those who intrinsically have an humorous nature, it's probably good to remember that using humour for the purpose of causing a conversation to go sideways is not a good idea.


99% of the active members here at PN essentially want to discuss stuff in a civil manner, even though they might not always agree on the boundaries.


PN does and has provided a pretty safe haven for adult discussion, whilst allowing strong views and opinions.



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