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Kaiser Slide Duplicator

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Hi all,


I'm looking to buy a slide duplicator to use with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon EF 100 mm macro lens. The Kaiser duplicator is compatible with the 58 mm thread of my macro lens and it is recommended to use a focal length of between 80 to 100 mm. However, the unit is listed as being 125 mm in total length and the minimum focusing distance of my macro lens is 310 mm. I suppose I could find extension tubes or DIY solution but I would rather not have to do this.


Does anyone have experience with a setup like mine or alternative recommendations?


Thank you.

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Slide duplicators usually work better with 50-55 mm macro lenses because of the problem you're encountering. The now discontinued 50 f/2.5 macro from Canon should be an excellent choice for you.
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50/55mm macro lens.

Extension tubes.

Different slide copier that will let you use your 100mm macro.


You probably want 1:1 reproduction, so you need to set the macro lens for 1:1 then determine what camera to subject distance will focus at that lens setting.

Extension tubes on your 100 may/will result in greater than 1:1 (1x) magnification, and you probably do not want that either.

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and the minimum focusing distance of my macro lens is 310 mm.

If that's the maker's quoted MFD, then that's from subject to sensor plane, not from the front of the lens to the subject.


Official focussing distances are always measured from focal-plane to subject.


However, I'd agree that a 55mm macro lens is about ideal for 1:1 film/slide duplication. Anything longer than that, and the leverage on lens and camera can be an issue; leading to undue strain and wear on the focussing mechanism of the lens. While shorter lenses can show vignetting.


FWIW: Geez that thing's damned expensive for a threaded tube with a bit of translucent plastic stuck on the end!

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If you already own a 100mm macro lens, there is no reason to buy a new lens for slide duplication with your DSLR. I put together a slide "scanner" using an old Kalt T-mount slide duplicator that I purchased on eBay for ten or fifteen dollars, plus a short 15mm extension tube and a 42mm to 58mm step-up ring, that I use with my Canon 5D IV (formerly used with a Canon 5D II) and Canon 100mm macro lens. I described the setup in, DSLR negative scanning. It works great.788125951_DSLRscanner.thumb.jpg.53236b58e70617a89114955ad22eec07.jpg Edited by Glenn McCreery
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It's a pity Canon don't make a dedicated slide copier like Nikon.

The Nikon copier will fit any camera. It's only a tube and film-holder like the Kaiser. Your Canon camera will never know the difference if you don't tell it!


All the 'clever'* bit is done in the camera, and only Nikon's D850 comes with that software.


*Not so clever by all accounts. It only spits out a JPEG, and with variable results.


FWIW. My method with colour negs is to adjust the camera white balance to neutralise the orange film mask. This makes it much easier to adjust the colour after inversion - all in 48 bit space from a RAW file.

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